Welcome to RELAXO

RELAXO, the Latin word for relaxation, is the umbrella name for an innovative approach to Energy Management and Mental Hygiene.

RELAXO Balance Program of BestOfYourself has been developed to support employers and employees overcome the challenges of Stress and Stress related illnesses such as Burnout and focus on personal and business growth.

The strength of RELAXO is that due to the combination of techniques, the results achieved are astonishing, durable, and endogenous and can be achieved in a relatively short length in time. Today’s increasing demands from both private and work environments are charging their toll upon our mental and emotional health. About 50% of all long term labor absenteeism in the Netherlands is related directly or indirectly to stress.

Stress related absenteeism has a direct financial impact,  which has been estimated at 5.4 billion euros per year. We firmly believe that human beings have the natural ability to re-establish balance and health. This ability can be awakened and supported in order to prevent stress related illnesses and aid in the recovery of those already suffering from them. The key is re-establishing and maintaining the balance.